Lockdown poetry

My cousin started a zine via Instagram and I've been fascinated to join in. I'm not super confident about my efforts - but I made an effort, and if being a creative has taught me anything, it's to give it a go and let your instinct take over sometimes.

This poem is based on an overheard comment that floated into my bedroom from the street. I wanted to cut it up and play with it, so in the background is my first failed attempt of a photocopy, my second felt tipped one didn't really work either so the poem on the top is the third layer. I like the idea of chronicling process as often a final piece is the result of days/weeks/years of thinking and attempting different versions. Do you have any long processes like this? I'd love to hear what they might be.

Enjoyed doing this version but it is very scrappy..

First Attempt In Learning!

The final version.


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