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I'm a Barbie girl

So l loved Barbie the movie: I didn't just love it, I am passionately in love with it - and no spoilers - but I cried at a speech that's made in it. Cried, applauded went away thinking - But where am I?

Barbie is an empowering movie and I can't go into details why without being the worlds biggest spoilery arsehole, but it has made some pretty good points.

The only sticking point I have is the motherhood thing - there's a running joke about the one Barbie that might be a mother being discontinued. What I've found as a mother who is now a mother of adults and therefore being discontinued -not quite in the same zone as I used to be - is that for some reason I've been running at least two identities for the past 20 years.

It's exhausting! Being a mother means kind of 'being' a mother. So lots of instinctual maternal stuff, yes, organisation, tick, grinding your teeth when nobody picks up after themselves, check, not to speak of having to downgrade career dreams in order to be one and keep a vested interest in the evolution of your spawn - of course. However on top of that is the ridiculous dissonance of being one way this creator of worlds and completely inferior on the other.

I have a fear of being 'mumsy' when in fact that should be one of the greatest compliments ever. My mumsy behaviour tends to include caring about how everyone is getting home, wearing comfortable clothes and being an all round 'nice' lady.

But I'm also a writer, comedian, poet - whatever my creative juices will allow on any given day. It's the admin that gets me stuck rather than anything to do with the creative side.

Which Barbie am I?

I invented some new ones:

Menopausal Barbie - she heats up and has one of those colour change affects when you dip her in your tea.

Mumsy Barbie - she's wearing yoga pants and a very comfortable hoodie whilst juggling, literally, a baby Barbie, finances, emails and doing the weekly shop.

Comedy Barbie - she's leaving the house for a gig at 6pm with a car full of snacks and talking to herself to remember the act.

Admin Barbie - her hair is wild and she's wearing two pairs of glasses, one on her head. Also keeps a hipflask in her top pocket.

But honestly I loved the film, I hope everyone watches it and they bring out a Sindy movie next year (because let's face it Sindy was better).

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