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10 tips to combat writer's block

  1. Stop believing in writer's block and believe that you can do 10 minutes a day of anything.

  2. Start scribbling. Buy a notebook, make a mark on the paper, it might take you to a thought, a picture or a character.

  3. Lists, lists, lists - if you can't write a page you can always write a list. Write a shopping list of elements of - your wip, your characters, yourself.

  4. 10 minutes. No more no less. Set a timer. Look out the window, whatever - this is about practice not about the outcome. Writing is a bit like yoga like that.

  5. One word, one sentence, one paragraph - aim to manage that and see where it takes you.

  6. Borrow a line from a book and use it as a starting point - make sure you note it's from another author so you don't plagiarise (stick it in bold/add it in quotations, add the name of the writer) - however sometimes standing on the shoulders of giants means asking for a leg up. Do this with lyrics or pictures. Anything to spark the start of your own work.

  7. Dig deeper, tell the truth.

  8. Who needs to write anyway? Just don't. And if that annoys you (who is she to tell me not to write!) maybe the anger will take you to the page.

  9. Meditate. Close your eyes, breath in and out for 3 minutes, pick up the pen and write. is good for this

  10. Go for a walk, take your notebook and whenever the mood takes you, stop and write down what's happening right then and there in the present moment, the more present you are the less blocked you will be. Breathe.

And one final thing - whatever you write is good enough. (And it's all about rewriting anyway so you may as well write something and then go back to it tomorrow.)

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