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C90 Qawwali

For the past week I've been working as a performer on C90 Qawwali with a fantastic team at Stan's Cafe. It was put together in 5 days as a development for the team as well as a wonderful show in itself, and we did 2 shows on Saturday.

I learned a lot about physical theatre, as a writer I'm often too much 'in my head' and only focussed on the words to communicate and this was a brilliant way to use other skills. Also working on someone else's story and within a different cultural heritage to my own has been wonderful, a learning curve of working as a team, listening and focus. Another way to make a story, make theatre and create empathy, it's been intense and fabulous.

It was such a privilege to work with this brilliant team, combining experience with development, poetry and immersive music.

Fab team below:

Tas Bashir: Artist (Co-Director)

Gerard Bell: Actor

Nafeesa Hameed: Poet (Assistant Director)

Rupinder Kaur: Actor & Poet

Murad Khan: Writer founder Purbanat.

Muhibb Nazir: Actor

Rachel Sambrooks: Actor & Poet

Dominic Thompson: Actor & Director of Gritty Theatre

Michael Valentine West: Musician

James Yarker: (Co-Director).


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